The beautiful beaches, pleasant temperatures, fun activities, cosy restaurants, and the beautiful historic centre make this cosy, family-friendly resort in Tossa del Mar the perfect place for a dream vacation or leisurely day trip for the whole family. Become one of Tossa's biggest fans by visiting and enjoying all the beautiful beaches and attractions that the resort has to offer.

Tossa de Mar is a popular seaside resort on the Costa Brava, Spain, famous for its medieval castle that towers over a beautiful beach. A cosy and family friendly resort, it is a historic town that lies between the beaches of the Mediterranean and a beautiful mountainous environment. Over the years, I have seen photos of the castle from travel books and vowed to visit it repeatedly.

Tossa Beach was named by National Geographic as one of the twenty-five best beaches in the world in 2013. If you visit Castillo de Tossa del Mar Castle, you will be amazed by the beautiful view of Tossa City from the azure sea. This beautiful town on the Costa Brava is known as a blue paradise, coloured by the sea, because of its amazing beach surrounded by breath-taking green mountain landscapes.

Tossa del Mars is a picturesque resort about an hour north of Barcelona and offers wonderful photo opportunities and magnificent views of the beach, as you can see in the gallery. The town is part of the municipality of Girona, about an hour and a half north of Barcelona, and is considered one of the most beautiful medieval villages on the Costa Brava, where you can spend a day on the beach, visit its historic heritage and enjoy nature. Tossa beach is dominated by a medieval old town, with huge ramparts rising above the beach and at one end of a medieval road is the beach itself.
Walking along the narrow streets parallel to the beach of Tossa de Mar, one enters Maize, a beautiful shady street full of whitewashed buildings housing pretty restaurants and chic stores for tourists. There are bars in the old town and many by the sea with beautiful views. The town is not very large and there are many sights, from the old town to the beach and the mysterious castle.

On one side there is the azure part of the Mediterranean, on the other side is the ochre walls and narrow streets of Vila Vella (old town). The interior of the old town is a charm with narrow cobbled streets, the governor's house, the municipal museum, the house of Sant Drapes Holy Cloths, the medieval hospital, the remains of Romanesque churches and Gothic churches. If you wish to take a short tour of the 14th century, at least let your imagination be lost in the cobbled streets, admire the architecture, and visit the landmark of the castle Tossa del Mar.

The main beach of Tossa del Mar, Platja Gran, is right on the promenade and offers a magnificent view of Vila Vella. Platja Codolar is located within its walls, and the beach Codolar can be reached via the paved path to reach the restaurant. Another beautiful beach is located within walking distance from the beach, just outside the city, near the City Museum Villa Vella.

There are many beaches and picturesque coves to enjoy a beautiful view of the city walls and the old town. Tossa's beach winds around the city walls and is built into the mountains, perfect for photography. The beaches are stunning, especially on the rocky peninsula of Mar Menuda.

In addition to a day on the beach, there is swimming, snorkelling, and diving in the sea, so that you can experience all the wonderful water activities. And the beach plays a key role in attracting the old town of Costa Bravas to the scenic sandy beach, which does not require crowds and is a place to spend a summer day when ferries sail to nearby Lloret del Mar, where small fishing boats rock in the surf and lie upside down on coarse sand after being pulled along the coast. During a walk you will not only see places of historical importance, but with a guide to the best beaches you will also learn something about Tossa del Mar and the locals of the area as you could not do anywhere else.

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Stick to the top of the hill and you will not only have an incredible view of your approach to the hill, but you will also see the surrounding coast and beach as you continue up the hill. A wonderful place to sunbathe while surrounded by the breath-taking walls of the old town. The old city road runs along the edge of the beach on Passeig del Mar and overlooks the Casa de San building.

Tossa del Mar, a picturesque resort about an hour south of Barcelona, has a unique selling point for travellers: its Vila Vella old town, an impressive walled complex on a headland overlooking the Mediterranean, crowned by several ancient towers and a modern lighthouse. Vila vella is an ancient castle and remains the most fortified medieval town on the Catalan coast. In the 12th century a small town called Vila de Vella began to develop around the castle of Tossa.

Contrary to widespread belief, Tossa del Mar was a fishing town in the Middle Ages and the local economy was based on the agricultural production of grapes and cork before the introduction of tourism. You can still eat tossa (rice) or arroz de tossa (rice), the urban version of paella, which is the consistency of the soup. This is a small beach on the other side of the bay, sheltered from the north winds.