The Bahamas' Eleuthera is a great place to explore.

The best thing to do on Eleuthera is to explore and find new and interesting beaches. Without a doubt, visiting Lighthouse Beach is the best thing to do in Eleuthera. Snorkel in Spanish Wells and visit Lighthouse Beach on the southern tip of the island. Another great experience is driving over the glass window bridge, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet for the most beautiful blue ocean contrast. This is one of the best beaches on Eleuthera so it can get a little crowded at times, but the view and water make up for it. As one of the most popular activities on Eleuthera, there are plenty of fishing options to choose from.

The sapphire coloured Eleuthera’s Sinkhole is in the northern part of the island, a few steps from the Cave of the Preachers. It is one of the quietest swimming beaches on the island due to its location along Eleuthera Bay. Like other beaches on Eleuthera, it boasts crystal clear, calm waters where you can share the beach with a few other small groups. The beach is one of the most popular with visitors due to its convenient location close to Governors Harbour.

Harbour Island

It is close to North Eleuthera Airport and would make a great base for those interested in being close to Harbour Island and Spanish Wells for day trips. This is a rather hidden and hard to reach place, but they serve the best Bahamian food on the island. They also bring local pineapples (it is said that the sweetest pineapples in the world are grown on Eleuthera). Food on Eleuthera offers as many options as there are ways to enjoy it.

Its sinuous shape hides windswept coves and beaches that hold some of the most beautiful sights in the entire Caribbean. While the beaches of Eleuthera’s are stunning, the island has many tourist attractions perfect for thrill seekers. From caves to sinkholes and rock pools, Eleuthera is a must-see and one of the most scenic islands in North America. Eleuthera is known for its many "exclusive" beaches, including the famous Lighthouse Beach, Double Bay Beach, Double Bay Beach, French Love Beach and many more.

Spanish wells

Spanish Wells is another small island settlement near the northern tip of Eleuthera’s. A variation of Plymouth Rock in the Bahamas, Eleuthera Island (pronounced E-loo-ter-uh) was the first permanent settlement in the Bahamas, founded in 1648. It is famous for providing shelter and shelter to the island's first settlers after their infamous shipwreck on the treacherous shipping channel known as Devil's Backbone. It is located between Hatchet Bay and the villages of Gregory Town in north central Eleuthera. Try renting a house on the Atlantic side of the island for some of the most beautiful beaches or stay at the French Leaves Resort. If you're hoping to spend a little more time on this exceptional beach, you can book a night or two at one of the Bahamas' best Eleuthera resorts, the French Leaves Resort.

Here you will find the famous Pink Sands Beach, some of the best resorts of Eleuthera in the Bahamas and many other interesting attractions. Alternatively, you can arrange a trip to the nearby Eleuthera Harbour Island, where you can visit the famous Pink Sands Beach and the historic town of Dunmore. However, if you want to visit a pink sand beach without heading to Harbour Island, Eleuthera is home to French Live Beach, which also boasts this stunning shade of colour.

Outside the tranquil Cape Eleuthera, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, golf, tennis, and local attractions attract beachgoers and nature lovers alike. Below we have a list of things to do on Eleuthera and where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Eleuthera is located approximately 113 kilometres east of Nassau and is a 30-minute flight. Eleuthera and its affiliated islands, Spanish Wells (on St. George) and Harbour Island, offer superb snorkelling and diving among coral gardens, reefs, cliffs, and wrecks. Eleuthera is a few notable places, including Sapphire Hole in North Eleuthera and Ocean Hole in Rock Sound.

Preacher’s cave

The truth is that there are many more caves on Eleuthera, many of which are more interesting than the Cave of the Preachers because they have more intricate tunnels, formations, natural features, and secret places. Preacher's Cave is another natural attraction that you simply must visit during your tour of Gregory Town Eleuthera Bahamas. Most of the natural attractions such as the Glass Window Bridge, Baths of the Queens, the Cow and Ox and the Rocks are in the northern part of the island, while most of the historical monuments, plaques and buildings are in the settlements or at the extreme ends of the island.

Many of the beaches, including Lighthouse Point and Twin Coves Beach, require some off-roading to find them. Despite being one of the best spots on Eleuthera, seclusion seekers will love the secluded stretches of windswept sandy beaches. Just like Pink Sands on Eleuthera Harbour, French Live Beach has pink sand that borders the water Like Harbour Island Eleuthera’s Pink Sands Beach, Lighthouse Beach has a distinctive pink colour. While the beach can be a big attraction for those visiting Spanish Wells like the Bahamas on a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami, the nearby ocean offers so much more. However, despite having some of the best beaches in the Bahamas, the island remains wild and untouched. And after visiting Eleuthera, we are convinced that this island should be one of the five most beautiful white sand beaches in the world

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