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Lucerne is divided by the river Reuss and one of the most beautiful parts of a visit to Lucerne is the crossing of the river, two of its most famous sights are the Chapel Bridge and the Spreuerbrücke. The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne and the Spreuerbrücke are places that can be seen in the city.

It lies on the right bank of the Reuss and crosses Lucerne's most famous 14th-century tourist attraction, the Chapel Bridge. Located at the point where the Reuss flows into Lake Lucerne, and built in the 13th century, it is Europe's oldest preserved wooden bridge, and its water tower is perhaps the city's most famous landmark. The chapel bridge that runs the river Reuss is probably the city's most famous bridge and one of the first things you will recognize when you leave the station.

The best way to experience Lucerne is to immerse yourself in the city life. Therefore, I recommend staying in the Old Town, as it provides easy access to the bars, restaurants, and cafés of the city and most of the best sights are right on your doorstep. From the Chapel Bridge it is only a short walk to the old town of the city, where you can reach some interesting sights. The Lucerne History Museum is located near the Jesuit Church and Spreebrücke bridge, so don't skip it if you want to explore this side of the city.
The mountains and lakes of Lake Lucerne, with their ancient buildings, bridges and breathtaking scenery, are like a picture book of a city. Whether you want to sail on the beautiful blue lakes of the lake, see beautifully painted medieval houses, listen to great classical music or marvel at the mountains, here you can pamper all the senses. With the combination of nature and city there is no shortage of activities in Lucerne, Switzerland, whether visiting for culture, history, food or just to have fun on holiday.

Another option is to take one of the boats that connect the towns along Lake Lucerne. The starting prices are high, but you can use the bus or train costs for unlimited boat trips around the lake and enjoy 50% discount on Pilatus and Titlis as well as free admission to many museums in the city. Many of the top activities mentioned in this guide in Lucerne are attractions with a Swiss passport such as the locomotive railway to Mount Rigi, boat trips around the lakes, the Rosengart collection and the Bourbaki panorama.

One of the main reasons why people come to Lucerne as a city is the beautiful lake Lucerne, but there is so much more to see than the lake and the city, especially if you take a sea cruise. Looking at the sights of the Reuss with the mountains as a backdrop, it is not difficult to understand why the city of Lucernes is considered one of the best sights in Europe. The weather is nice, so you should not miss a boat trip on the lake or a paddle steamer ride.

Lucerne is no exception to this rule - the Old Town is directly opposite the city walls and is full of magnificent buildings, breath-taking monuments, and breath-taking bridges. You can come here to experience the medieval charm of the Old Town of Lucerne, visit Church Bridges, and take one of the many mountain tours to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the city - you will not be disappointed. Lucerne may be famous for its lakes and charming chapels, but the bridges and well-preserved city walls protect the city.

Visiting Lucerne is like going to Disneyland: You can't imagine that it is real because it looks like a movie lot. Brad Thor

In a day there are so many things to do in Lucerne, but I would recommend a visit to the Lucerne Lion Monument. Cruises to Lucerne prove why it is considered one of the best places in Switzerland. On the bridge you can see Lake Lucerne, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland with a magnificent view of the Alps.

In this breath-taking room you can enjoy panoramic views of Lake Lucerne, the Old Town, and the Swiss Alps of course. The landmarks of the city are not visible, but one has a magnificent view of the lake and the looming Alps. Climbing one of the towers allows you to walk a short distance along the city walls and see the city from some of its best vantage points.

Overlooking Lake Lucerne, the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne is one of the best accommodations in Lucerne and offers you every luxury comfort. We have already mentioned the two best hotels in the city with a view: the Krauter Hotel Edelweiss in Rigi, but also the Hotel Vitznau, one of the best hotels on the lake.

Lake Lucerne is in the most north-western corner of the lake, and you can make your way to Lucerne's Bahnhofquai to take one of the five paddle steamer tours around the lake from the early 20th century. The Swisshof is a lovely old hotel in the centre of the city, and if you don't want to take the mini-tourist train, take this road with a view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Lucerne's main attraction is the city's lion, one of the world's most famous monuments.