Do not miss climbing the tower of St. Pierre Cathedral or going inside to admire the archaeological remains and dine in the long-standing Café Papon (opened 1808) or enjoy a cocktail in the central square of Geneva's old town Place du Bourg Four. The streets leading to Place du Boutfour are some of the oldest places in Geneva and lined with cafés, boutiques and shops as you explore the old town.

The Old Town of Geneva is the largest and most historic centre in Switzerland, and during your visit to Geneva you will find symbolic places. You will discover some of the city's most important attractions, such as the Jet Deau Fountain, the Saint-Pierres Cathedral, the Flower Clock and the International Section of Geneva, which includes the United Nations Offices.

If you only have a brief time and want to see in one day the main highlights of Lake Geneva, you should take a city tour with a boat trip on Lake Geneva. If you plan to visit Geneva in one day, a good focus is on the old city on the left bank with a quick nautical activity on the lake at the end of the day. For two days you can explore the old town and the southeast shore of the lake and visit the UN Red Cross Museum and other attractions on the second day in the west of the city. .

When it comes to attractions in Geneva, the city's lake of the same name occupies the top spot. Lake Geneva and its iconic water flag will draw you from the promenade to the lush park on the banks of Mont Saleve with a bit of Alps in the background.
Geneva is a cosmopolitan and international city in Switzerland, located along the shores of Lake Geneva near the French border. It is a lovely place to stroll and has plenty to see with its beautiful old buildings, museums, parks and much more. Geneva is a prosperous place, home to many international organizations and embassies of the United Nations, is the biggest city in the country and worth a visit for its wealth of amazing sights.

You can visit every part of the old town, the historic center of the city, visit all the sights and attractions listed in our Guide to activities in Geneva and do not forget to walk some time through the molten cobbled streets you will find there.

One of the best ways to see a new city up close is to go to St. Pierre Cathedral and climb the two towers that offer magnificent views of the city and Lake Geneva itself. The largest city park in Geneva is the beautiful shores of Lake Quai Gustave Ador. Also referred to as the balcony of Geneva or the Mount Saleve, this is the best place to enjoy a bird's view of Geneva, Lake Geneva and the entire Jura.

The Jardin Anglai (English for garden) is a historic city park on the shores of Lake Geneva, situated in the old city centre. The Geneva Flower Clock is in Jardins Anglaise, an English-inspired park with a 19th-century fountain, diverse monuments and breath-taking lake views. It is one of the most beautiful public parks in Geneva and the perfect place to find peace and quiet away from the crowds.

Bain des Paquis is a popular tourist spot on the western shore of the Geneva Lake and is just a stone's throw from the Jet d’eau. One of the most scenic places to watch the jet d’eau from the water, where it shoots from the Pont du Mont Blanc Bridge from the promenade of Geneva. Nicknamed the "Pearl of Lake Leman," the impressive medieval village of Yvoire is one of the most beautiful villages in France and today is a famous tourist attraction in the Geneva region.

Geneva has the sleepy tidiness of a man who combs his hair while yet in his pyjamas. Lewis Mumford

One of Geneva's most popular attractions is the Jet d’eau, a jet of water that shoots 140 metres above Lake Geneva. When the city hosted the UEFA Championships in 2008, the Geneva Water Fountain (Jet d’eau) was located at the point where Lake Geneva flows into the Rhone and is the official logo of the city. If you spend a day in Geneva, you should not miss the jet-d’eau and if you are lucky enough to be on the shoreline on an evening in spring or autumn, you will be treated to a colourful night of light.

Geneva is a city in Switzerland, not to be confused with Zurich or its capital Bern, which extends around the south-western shore of Lake Leman which is commonly referred to as the Geneva Lake. Geneva is one of its most famous landmarks, the International Reformation Monument, also known as the "Reformation Wall".

The Musee d’Art et d’Histoire, the municipal museum of art and history, is the largest museum in Geneva with prehistoric objects such as cannon suits and armours, ancient tools and machines and Egyptian mummies. Switzerland is known for its watches worldwide; the city of Geneva is home to the beautiful Patek Philippe Museum which introduces you to the art and history of watchmaking.

This stunning museum is housed in a restored factory, within walking distance of the old town and is one of Geneva's most popular attractions. On our list of top attractions and activities in Geneva, you will surely find a good place to visit. The Museum of the Red Cross is considered one of the best museums in Geneva and is a unique place to see the city of Geneva.